How Are Retail Advertisers Engaging Mobile Audiences?

August 12, 2013

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MillennialMedia-Restaurants-Mobile-Ad-Post-Click-Campaign-Action-Mix-in-Q12013-Aug2013Millennial Media has released [download page] the latest study in its “Mobile Intel” series, produced in partnership with comScore. As part of the study, Millennial Media shows how retail advertisers are employing a number of postclick actions that differ significantly from the average advertiser on the platform. Mobile commerce, store locator and site search are among the top actions they’re using to drive web and foot traffic. Given that retail campaigns were far more likely than the average campaign (all data from Q1 2013) to have increased foot traffic (37% vs. 9%) and website or mobile site traffic (34% vs. 18%), it’s not surprising to see that retail advertisers were driving their audience to mobile commerce experiences and store locators and maps.

While retail advertisers are (understandably) focused on driving traffic, it’s nevertheless interesting to see that only 7% utilized application download as a postclick campaign action, versus 45% of platform advertisers on average. Mobile users are spending an increasing amount of time with retailer apps, per recent research from Flurry.

Data included in the study from comScore indicates that mobile (smartphone and tablet) audiences now spend a greater amount of time spent on digital retail properties than desktop audiences (51% vs. 49%). That’s a sea change from as recently as 2010, when desktop users accounted for 84% of time spent with online retail properties.

So who is the mobile retail audience? According to comScore data, the audience skews a little younger than the general mobile audience. 52% of mobile users accessing retail content are aged 13-35, compared to 44% for the general mobile audience.

Other Findings:

  • The mobile retail audience skews slightly male (52%).
  • 51% of the mobile retail tablet audience has a household income of at least $75,000.
  • Retailers on the Millennial Media platform typically spend about 3 times more during Q4 than during any other quarter.
  • The top retailer types advertising on the platform are national retailers (34% share), computers and electronics retailers (21%) and clothing and luxury fashion retailers (19%).
  • 50% of retail impressions on the Millennial Media platform in Q1 came from Android devices, compared to 52% of impressions on average. 45% of retail impressions came from iOS devices, compared to the 39% platform average, suggesting that Apple device users are heavily invested in retail content.
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