Yelp Visits Are Often Followed by Purchases From Local Businesses

July 1, 2013

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Nielsen-Yelp-User-Actions-Post-Site-Visit-Jul2013Virtually all (more than 96%) of Yelp users across devices (including computers, smartphones and tablets) visit the site specifically for its ratings and reviews, reveals Nielsen in new data. What they find tends to have a powerful influence on them: about half of Yelp users make their purchase decisions after visiting the site, with that figure slightly higher among those who visit from a mobile device. In another nod to how Yelp users leverage the site as a stop along their purchase journey, the data shows that almost all either follow their visit with a call or visit to – or purchase from – a local business.

Looking at the breakdown for those actions, Nielsen indicates that:

  • 44% of Yelp users either frequently (41%) or always (3%) visit a local business after stopping by the site, while another 49% occasionally will do so;
  • 24% frequently (22%) or always (2%) call a business after visiting the site, and an additional 42% will occasionally place a call; and
  • 41% will frequently (38%) or always (3%) purchase from a local business after visiting the site, while another 52% occasionally do so.

Overall, then, more than 9 in 10 Yelp users claim to at least occasionally visit a local business or purchase from one after stopping by the site, presumably to check out ratings and reviews and either make or confirm their final decision.

Other Findings:

  • Mobile visitors to Yelp are more likely to follow with an in-store visit or purchase than non-mobile visitors.
  • Mobile visitors’ purchases tend to occur sooner than their non-mobile counterparts.
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