Online Customer Experience Still Easier to Understand Than Mobile, Say E-Commerce Execs

June 18, 2013

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Econsultancy-E-Commerce-Understanding-Online-Mobile-Customer-Experience-June2013It’s easier to understand the online customer’s experience than the mobile customer’s, say e-commerce executives responding to a survey from Econsultancy and IBM Tealeaf [download page]. 44% of respondents rated their company’s understanding of the online customer experience as either excellent (7%) or good (37%), while only 30% could say the same about their understanding of the mobile customer experience. Indeed, respondents were as likely to rate their understanding of the mobile customer experience as poor (24%) or very poor (5%) as they were to rate it good or excellent.

A good number of respondents believe that it’s simply harder to deliver positive customer experiences on mobile than on the web: 40% of respondents agreed with that sentiment, compared to 26% who disagreed.

Still, respondents seem to be getting a better handle on understanding the mobile experience. The proportion saying they have an excellent or good understanding rose to 30% this year from 18% last year, a fairly significant change. At the same time, the proportion rating their understanding as poor or very poor dropped from 45% to 29%.

It’s becoming more and more important to understand that experience because respondents report an increasing proportion of total traffic coming from mobile devices. Although the overall percentage of mobile traffic rose only slightly from 17% last year to 19% this year, many respondents are seeing much heavier proportions of mobile traffic. That is, this year, 41% are seeing more than 20% of their traffic coming from mobile, as opposed to just 17% last year seeing that amount of traffic. (A recent survey from the e-tailing group similarly found e-commerce executives reporting higher traffic from mobiles.)

Asked to name the most series issues their customers encounter when they interact with their brand via a mobile device, respondents pointed most often to:

  • Bad navigation/poor “findability” (36%, up from 28% last year);
  • Screen-sizing issues (36%, flat from last year);
  • Form-filling problems (26%, up from 18%); and
  • Slow page loading (23%, down from 26%).

About the Data: The data is based on the third annual Reducing Customer Struggle report, published by Econsultancy in association with IBM Tealeaf. The research is based on a global online survey of 582 business professionals working for companies involved in ecommerce and e-business. The survey was conducted in March and April 2013. The best represented geographies were the UK (44%) and North America (25%).

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