Smartphone and Tablet Owners Respond to Mobile-Optimized Sites

May 30, 2013

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KenticoSoftware-Importance-Mobile-Optimized-Websites-May201378% of smartphone owners and 75% of tablet owners consider the “look and feel” of a company’s mobile website when considering whether or not to make a purchase from it, finds Kentico Software in new survey results. These consumers are quick to reward brands for positive mobile experiences, with slightly more than three-quarters of smartphone and tablet owners saying they often return to websites that are visually appealing and function well on their devices. They’re also quick to punish those who don’t do such a good job: 44% say they would never go back to the site, and 52% would not return often.

It’s not the first time these sorts of attitudes have been uncovered. In March, Compuware survey results revealed that a poor mobile application experience would drive 1 in 3 respondents to a competitor. Late last year, Google-sponsored research found half of smartphone internet users surveyed saying that even if they liked a business, they would use it less often if its website failed to meet their mobile-friendly standards.

Separate results from the Kentico Software survey indicate that smartphone and tablet owners may be less than happy with the general state of mobile sites. That’s because 88% of respondents overall said that computers (48%) and laptops (40%) provide the best online shopping experience, with just 9% handing that honor to tablets and only 3% to mobile phones.

Given the choice, 63% of online shoppers would prefer to shop in-store rather than online, a result that aligns with the general population’s preferences.

About the Data: The Kentico Mobile Experience Survey was conducted online during April 2013 among more than 300 US residents aged 18 and older.

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