Mobiles Account For More Than 1 in 10 Digital Video Starts

April 24, 2013

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Adobe-Mobile-Share-Digital-Video-Starts-Q42012-v-Q42011-Apr2013Smartphones and tablets are accounting for a rapidly increasing proportion of digital video starts, according to “The State of Mobile Benchmark” [pdf] from Adobe Digital Index. In Q4 2012, these devices accounted for a combined 10.4% of video starts, more than triple their 3.1% share from just a year earlier. Both device types boosted their share of starts, with tablets (6.5% vs. 1.8%) shooting ahead of smartphones (3.9% vs. 1.3%). Video view rates also saw strong growth. For tablets, view rates grew from 13% to 32% year-over-year, while for smartphones, they increased from 6% to 12%.

Share of video starts is defined as the device type that starts the video divided by total video starts. Video view rate is the number of video starts divided by visits.

The report offers other highlights demonstrating the growing influence of mobile devices across media:

  • 30.1% of likes on Facebook occurred via a mobile device last month, up from just 4.8% a year earlier;
  • On a global basis, websites are getting more traffic from tablets than smartphones, a shift first noted last month;
  • Tablet users view 70% more pages per visit than smartphone users;
  • In February of this year, iOS accounted for 49% of smartphone browsing in the US and more than three-quarters share of tablet browsing across the 6 major countries analyzed (US; UK; Germany; France; Japan; and China);
  • E-commerce conversion rates on tablets were 3 times higher than on smartphones in December 2012 (2.2% vs. 0.7%), though they remained behind PCs (3.3%);
  • Between August 2012 and February 2013, readership of digital publishing applications almost doubled; and
  • Three-quarters of mobile digital magazine reading sessions occurred on tablets in February.

About the Data: The data for “The State of Mobile” report was pulled from:

  • Mobile browsing statistics were based on analysis of more than 150 billion visits to 1,500+ websites worldwide between January 2012 and February 2013;
  • Mobile reading statistics were based on analysis of 223.5 million reading sessions to 100 digital magazine apps between January 2012 to February 2013;
  • Mobile viewing statistics were based on analysis of 19.6 billion video starts on 50 media websites in 2012
  • Mobile shopping statistics were based on analysis of 500+ retail websites in December 2012.
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