E-Commerce Execs Report Increased Traffic, Revenues from Mobile Devices

April 17, 2013

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e-tailinggroup-revenues-from-mobile-browsers-apps-apr201329% of e-commerce executives say that more than 20% of their traffic comes via mobile browsers or mobile applications, a marked increase from just 3% who reported that level of traffic last year, according to [pdf] results from a newly-released survey by the e-tailing group. Along with that big increase, retailers also report that a growing share of their revenue comes from mobile browsers and apps. This year, 27% said they derive more than 10% of their revenues from mobile, up from 5% last year. An additional 22% said they are getting between 5 and 10% of their revenues from mobile this year, up from 18% last year.

Combined, that means that mobile contributes at least 5% of revenues for half of the retailers surveyed this year, roughly double last year’s 23%.

Perhaps as a result of being happy with their progress, retailers aren’t looking primarily to mobile programs when considering what initiatives they’re planning to improve website and cross-channel performance: mobile commerce sites (35%), mobile commerce upgrades (32%) and mobile applications (30%) are low on the totem pole in that regard. Instead, the top planned initiatives are more targeted email programs (84%), upgrading onsite search (74%), and enhanced onsite merchandizing features (73%). Content development (68%) and videos (64%) are also high on the agenda.

About the Data: The data is based on a survey of 147 senior executives with responsibility for e-commerce.

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