Tablets and Smartphones Generated About 1 in 4 Organic Search Visits in Q1

April 11, 2013

RKG-Mobile-Share-Search-Visits-Q1-2013-Apr2013Tablets and smartphones combined accounted for roughly 24% of organic search visits in Q1, according to [download page] the latest quarterly report from RKG. Android devices contributed about 7% of visits, far behind the 17% combined share delivered by iOS devices (iPad: 9%; iPhone: 8%). As has been the case for several quarters now, Google took the lead in share of visits from mobile devices (at about 27%), followed by Yahoo (23%) and Bing (8%). The Google share includes estimated visits from iOS 6. iOS 6 adoption grew to 83% of total Google search traffic from iOS devices, and hid an estimated 13% of total Google searches, per the report. Although the share of visits generated by mobile devices on Google was unchanged from Q4 2012, it grew by 4% points on Yahoo and 2% points on Bing. In separate results from the report regarding paid search marketing, while tablet revenue per click showed significant differences between devices, on average, it was 15% lower than desktop. The researchers believe that this gap is more likely to become wider than narrower in the future, “despite assertions that the two are blurring together,” which is probably a reference to Google’s lumping both together in enhanced campaigns, something that it claims to WordStream is a context-related decision (which could be validated by findings in this report).

Other Findings:

  • Google paid search spend grew 20% year-over-year in Q1, while ad clicks increased by 11% and costs-per-click (CPCs) by 8%.
  • Mobile generated 25% of paid clicks and 21% of spend in Q1. Tablet spending jumped by 162% year-over-year and smartphone spending grew by 162%, also noted by IgnitionOne.
  • Mobile generated 28% of Google clicks, but only 16% of clicks for Bing Ads.
  • Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) accounted for 33% of Google non-brand spend.
  • While social media referred just 2% of all site visits, Facebook send 30 times more traffic than Google+.
  • Facebook Exchange CPMs were 65% lower than display averages. Click-through rates were 30% lower also, but revenue per click was 17% higher.

About the Data: Figures are derived from samples of RKG clients who have worked with RKG for each respective marketing channel. Where applicable, the samples are restricted to those clients who 1) have maintained active programs with RKG for at least 19 months, 2) have not significantly changed their strategic objectives or product offerings, and 3) meet a minimum ad spend threshold. All trended figures presented in the report represent the average same-site change over the given time period.

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