Black Consumers Over-Index In Mobile In-Store Activities

March 7, 2013

Prosper-Black-Consumers-In-Store-Mobile-Activities-Mar2013Black adults are more likely than the average adult to regularly engage in a number of in-store mobile activities, according to [login page] new Prosper Insights & Analytics data. For example, they’re 44% more likely to check in for a discount, 37% more likely to scan a QR code to get more information about a product, and 27% more likely to compare prices and purchase from another retailer’s website using their smartphone or tablet.

Overall, black consumers demonstrate higher mobile “aptitude” than the general adult. They’re more likely to count mobile devices as a purchase influence across various product categories (ranging from insurance to electronics), and they’re more likely to seek and give advice about products and services via their mobile. And while they’re less likely to redeem coupons through traditional means such as cutting them out from advertising inserts or other sources (such as newspapers and magazines), they’re more likely to scan them on their mobile device at checkout.

In other findings from the study, black consumers over-index in their use of Android and Apple smart devices, while they under-index in basic cell phone and desktop computer use. Black consumers also tend to engage more in a variety of new media activities, including viewing emails, news, sports, and video or TV on a mobile device.

The Prosper Mobile Insights findings support earlier research from Nielsen, which found black Americans to be active users of mobile data services.

About the Data:

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