Site Visitor-to-Phone Lead Conversion Rates Vary Widely by Industry

February 13, 2013

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Ifbyphone-Call-Based-Conversion-Rates-by-Industry-Feb2013Ifbyphone has released new industry benchmarks showing to what extent different industries capture phone leads from their websites (“call-based conversion rate”). To obtain the data, the company used its SourceTrak technology – which logs page visits for every instance in which a dynamic number is inserted on a business’ webpage, and then tracks calls originating from those pages. Home services companies had by far the highest conversion rate, of 11.7%, while e-commerce businesses had the lowest, at just 0.2%.

As the researchers note, many of the results follow logic, at least in relative terms. For instance, food services (1.1% conversion rate) customers may have less of a need to engage by phone, as they have more ability to find information on a website. By contrast, home services customers may be less able to obtain or complete the necessary transactions online. By that rationale, it’s not surprising that e-commerce companies have such a low conversion rate.

Nevertheless, establishing benchmarks is a useful way to measure effectiveness, and the data shows that phone engagement is more important to some industries (e.g. lead generation – 6.4%) than others (such as marketing – 1.1%).

Ifbyphone also looks at the average call duration, finding it to be longest for professional services (8.5 minutes) and shortest for healthcare (2.7 minutes).

About the Data: The data is derived from ana analysis of hundreds of thousands of calls across millions of website visits.

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