Tablet Shoppers Don’t Shy Away From Making Purchases

January 23, 2013

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Adobe-Tablet-Smartphone-Shopping-Activities-Jan2013Tablet owners are more than twice as likely to use their device for shopping as smartphone owners (44% vs. 20%), according to [download page] new survey results from Adobe. Notably, among these groups, tablet shoppers are twice as likely as smartphone shoppers to purchase products on their devices (55% vs. 28%). That means that overall, 24.2% of tablet owners surveyed said they purchase products on their devices, compared to just 5.6% of smartphone owners.

In fact, tablet shoppers are more likely to purchase products on their devices (55%) than they are to perform a range of other shopping-related activities, including comparing products (52%), reading product reviews (51%), and researching or reviewing products (50%). Of 10 shopping activities identified, purchases ranked 3rd in popularity behind browsing products (68%) and comparing prices (57%). Among smartphone shoppers, product purchases fall further down the list, 7th in incidence behind other activities including researching or reviewing products and searching for coupons or deals.

The study also finds a growing market for retail applications, revealing that smartphone and tablet shoppers are almost as likely to expect to make a purchase in the next year using a retail application than they are to do so using a browser. Specifically, 60% of tablet shoppers report being likely to extremely likely to buy items using an app, compared to 69% using a browser. The gap is even narrower among smartphone shoppers (56% and 59%, respectively.)

Additionally, roughly one-quarter of tablet and smartphone owners who didn’t use their device to shop last year plan to use shopping apps in the coming year.

About the Data: The data is based on an Edelman Berland online survey conducted between November 28 and December 3, 2012. The survey was conducted among 1,003 18-54-year-olds who currently own a smartphone and/or tablet, including those who use the devices to shop and those who don’t.

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