Americans Prefer Gift Cards or Cash to Holiday Gifts

November 29, 2007

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More than half – 52.1% – of Americans say they would rather receive a gift card or cash rather than a gift this holiday season, according to the American Pulse Survey of 4,069 respondents by BIGresearch.

One reason may be that consumers do not like gifts chosen for them (45.4% of those who received clothing as a gift in the past didn’t like or didn’t wear it). Another may be that 46.3% of those who participate in gift giving/receiving during the holidays say they hate to return gifts because it is a hassle.

Regarding consumer mood:

  • 56% say they will be looking for sales more as they holiday-shop.
  • 59.1% will be spending less this year than in holidays past.
  • That may be because 47.7% say compared to a year ago it is becoming harder to pay monthly bills and they are living paycheck to paycheck.

Other findings regarding the holiday season – among those who participate in gift giving/receiving:

  • 82.4% say gift cards are a smart gift alternative for people they don’t know well.
  • 10.5% have re-gifted gift cards received.
  • 22.5% have re-gifted gifts received.
  • 22.7% like to exchange gifts for things they would rather have.
  • 13.5% have received gift cards that they’ve never redeemed.
  • 16.1% have received gift cards that they’ve only partially redeemed.

Misc. findings:

  • Some 69.4% of Americans say they would rather give than receive gifts.
  • While shopping, 70.9% like it when employees wish them a “Merry Christmas” because it is the Christmas season.
  • 92.6% say malls, stores and parks should be allowed to display the Christian Nativity Scene during the Christmas season.
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