In Europe, Women Dominate Engagement at Online Retail Sites

July 5, 2012

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comscore-top-site-categories-females-europe-may2012-july2012.pngWomen in Europe account for the majority of time spent on multiple retail site categories, per comScore figures released in July. Breaking down site categories into a top 10 list by percent share of time spent by women, the report finds that retail sites make up half of these top categories, led by fragrance and cosmetics sites, where women accounted for 70.9% of time spent in May. The other retail site subcategories where women also account for a majority of time spent include apparel (66.8%), department stores (64.9%), food (61.2%), and mall (61%).

Women’s apparently greater propensity towards online shopping may be related to their satisfaction with their experiences. According to a BazaarVoice report released in March, women around the world are 17% more likely than men to give an online purchase a 5-star rating (67% vs. 57.3%). (That data was not limited to feedback from Europeans.)

Tumblr Has Highest Concentration of Usage

The comScore data also examines the top 10 sites for females by percent share of total time spent, finding that Tumblr tops the list, with women accounting for 69% share of total time spent on the site. This compares to the 46.9% average time spent online by women during the month.

Rounding out the top 3 sites for women are German retail site Otto Gruppe (68.8%) and Groupon (61.7%).

UK Audience Most Engaged

Analyzing overall European internet usage among 18 specified countries, the comScore report reveals that the UK audience is the most engaged, with the average internet user spending 39.1 hours online in May, almost 60% higher than the European average of 24.5 hours. Other countries with higher-than-average audience engagement in May included the Netherlands (33.1 hours), Turkey (30.7 hours), Norway (29 hours), and France (28.9 hours).

These figures contrast with those from a May 2012 study from IAB Europe, which claimed that Europeans spend 14.8 hours online each week, with time spent highest among those accessing via computers.

Other Findings:

  • In Europe, according to comScore’s aggregated data from 49 markets, 395.7 million people went online in May 2012. 191.5 million females aged 15 and older went online, representing 48.4% of the internet audience.
  • Health information sites had a relatively high share of female engagement (63.6%).
  • The Russian online audience is the largest in Europe, with 57.9 million users going online in May.
  • Turkey was the leading country when measuring average pages a user visited during the month, at 3,674.
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