Moms Make Keen Brand Ambassadors on Social Networks

April 16, 2012

performics-mothers-brands-social-networks-april2012.jpgMothers are more likely than other women to be brand ambassadors on social networking sites, details Performics in April 2012 survey results. Looking at the behaviors of almost 3,000 women who accessed at least one social network on a regular basis, Performics found that mothers were 34% more likely than other women to recommend companies and brands via social networking sites (59% vs. 44%), 25% more likely to talk about companies and brands they follow on Facebook (61% vs. 49%), and almost 50% more likely to discuss them on social networking sites after seeing an ad elsewhere (49% vs. 33%). This is likely a reflection of the finding that almost two-thirds of mothers believe they can influence companies by voicing their opinions on social networks.

Moms Engage More, Too

performics-mothers-brand-engagement-social-networks-april2012.jpgMothers aren’t only more likely to discuss and pass on brand information, they’re also more apt to engage with the brands themselves. A greater proportion of mothers than other women said they had liked a post (52% vs. 37%), read company or brand posts in their newsfeed (45% vs. 32%), and made a comment on a post (30% vs. 20%). They were also more likely to have said they visit company or brand Facebook pages (43% vs. 30%) and visit company or brand websites through Facebook links (37% vs. 26%).

And social networks don’t only influence mothers to visit webpages, they also influence them to convert: 42% said they had made a purchase as a result of a recommendation on a social networking site. By comparison, 29% of the other women said they had made a purchase as a result of a recommendation, while according to a March 2012 report from Sociable Labs, 1 in 4 online shoppers, who shop at least quarterly online and login to their Facebook account at least monthly, have made a purchase based on a social recommendation.

SocNets Become a Primary Brand Communication Channel

Data from Performics’ “Social Media Moms” indicates that 38% of mothers want to receive communications from brands via Facebook more than once a week (compared to 28% of other women). In addition, a majority of mothers say that communications from brands and companies on social networks are replacing other communication channels. This preference for social network updates was found by AYTM Market Research in December 2011 survey results: according to that report, short updates from Facebook and Twitter (32%) rank as the leading way in which consumers most prefer to get updates from their favorite brands.

One reason why mothers are looking to receive more communications from brands is because they simply trust them more: 42% saying they trust the information they get from brands and companies through social networking sites more than information they obtain elsewhere, compared to 24% of other women.

Other Findings:

  • Mothers are significantly more likely than other women to link to a company or brand ad (52% vs. 40%) and to post one (43% vs. 28%) on a social network.
  • 44% of mothers said they purchase more from companies and brands they like than those they do not. And almost 2 in 5 said they purchase more from companies they like than they did in the past.
  • More than three-quarters of mothers said they have either already participated in company or brand contents or sweepstakes (53%) or plan to do so in the future (24%).
  • Almost two-thirds of mothers said they have learned about a product or service through a social networking site, while 56% said they had followed up on product recommendations received on these sites to learn more. According to November 2011 survey results from BabyCenter and comScore, mothers are more than twice as likely as the general population to turn to social media for recommendations.

About the Data: The Performics survey was conducted in December 2011 by ROI Research.

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