US Leads ‘Dirty Dozen’ Spam-Relaying Countries in Q3

October 29, 2007

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Over the third quarter, the US (yet again) relayed more spam than any other nation, accounting for a massive 28.4% of all the world’s spam emails being sent through compromised computers, according to the latest Sophos study of the top 12 spam-relaying countries.

Another North American country, Mexico, book-ends the list at number 12, having relayed 1.9% of spam messages in Q3. Meanwhile, Canada has lowered its spam-relaying share to just 0.8%, thanks in large part to the Government’s Task Force on Spam, Sophos said.


In the previous quarter, the US - albeit still the top spam relayer - had accounted for 19.6% of spam relayed, followed by China with 8.4%.

Accordingly, the gap between the US and its nearest rival increased significantly from the second quarter, with now-second-place South Korea responsible for relaying just 5.2% of spam messages in Q3, while another Asian state, China, was third with 4.9%.

In fact, three of the four up-and-coming “BRIC” countries occupy third through fifth positions: Russia is fourth and Brazil is fifth; India does not make the “dirty dozen.”

Five of the 12 are European states, ranging from fourth place France to 11th place Romania. Bridging Europe and Asia as the current occupier of Asia Minor, Turkey is in eighth place.


The massive increase in US spam relaying resulted in North America’s overtaking of Asia and Europe to become the biggest spam-relaying continent during the third quarter.

Asia was close behind because of the large number of individual Asian nations relaying spam, while Europe managed to reduce its overall figure by 3.7%.

For the study, SophosLabs scans all spam messages received in its global network of spam traps.

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