Tablet Owners Prove Active Local Biz Searchers

March 2, 2012

localeze-frequency-local-biz-search-feb-2012.jpgRoughly two-thirds of tablet owners use their device at least once a week to conduct an online local business search, according to a February 2012 study from Localeze and 15miles, conducted by comScore. This makes tablet owners more frequent local business searchers than mobile phone users, 45% of whom search at least weekly, and PC/laptop users, 49% of whom search at least once a week.

Ease of Use a Major Reason

The leading reason tablet owners use their device to conduct a local business search is because it is easy (40%), while 38% also say they can find more complete information through their device, and 36% because they can find information quickly. Among mobile phone users, the leading reason for conducting a local business search is because they need information on the go (51%), with ease ranking second (37%).

High Proportion of Device Owners Purchase After Search

Data from the report indicates that tablet searches lead to a high likelihood of making a purchase, with 86% of respondents making a purchase from their most recent tablet-based local search. Mobile phone users are not far behind, with almost three-quarters having made a purchase from their most recent local search. This compares to 58% of the average sample of local business searches.

Spending is not limited to small items, either: 38% of those who made a purchase on a tablet spent more than $100, including 12% who spent more than $500. Among those making a purchase on a mobile phone, roughly one-third spent more than $100, including 7% who spent more than $500.

Tablets Useful Throughout Research Process

Whereas mobile phone searchers are far more likely to use their device in the beginning (45%) of their local business search than in the middle (21%) or end (12%), tablet searchers appear to be engaged throughout the research process. The same proportion of tablet searchers (29%) use their device in the beginning as in the middle of the process, while 17% use it at the end. In fact, tablet searchers are more likely than mobile phone searchers to use their device throughout the entire process (24% vs. 22%).

Other Findings:

About the Data: The Localeze/15miles Local Search Usage Study was conducted by comScore in December 2011, based on a combination of data from 4,000 online surveys and observed behaviors of 1 million consumers who agreed to have their online searches tracked anonymously.

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