In-Store Search Proves Costly for Retailers

January 11, 2012

prosper-in-store-shopping-with-connected-device-jan12.gifSmartphone and tablet users who use their devices to compare prices while shopping in a store are 33% more likely to purchase from another retailer than from the same retailer (40.6% vs. 30.6%), according to [download page] a survey released in January 2012 by Prosper Mobile Insights. A further 25.6% of respondents say they have compared prices while in-store and purchased from another retailer’s website using their device, while 23.1% have made a purchase from another retailer’s website using their laptop or desktop after leaving the store.

By comparison, only 13.3% say they have compared prices in-store and purchased from the same retailer’s website using either their device or their laptop or desktop after leaving the store.

3 in 10 Use QR Codes

Data from the survey indicates that 29.7% of smartphone and tablet users have scanned a QR code to get more information about a product while shopping in a store. 35.8% have used their device to read product reviews to decide between products, and roughly one-quarter have requested a price match and “checked in” for a discount.

According to a survey released in January 2012 survey by Chadwick Martin Bailey, 57% of consumers who have scanned a QR code say they did nothing with the information, compared to 21% who shared the information with someone and 18% who made a purchase.

Swiping Device Seen Useful, But Concerns Abound

56.9% of respondents to the Prosper survey either somewhat (32.8%) or strongly (24.2%) agree that swiping their device to pay for a transaction would be convenient and useful, with a further 21.9% neutral on the topic. However, 7 in 10 cite a concern with security issues and their location being tracked, leaving respondents less likely to report a degree of comfort with using their device to pay at a store check-out counter as opposed to using it to purchase an item online using a web browser or application (43.9% vs 57.5%).

Device Value Extends Beyond Shopping

28.3% of smartphone and tablet owners said they plan to use their device to keep their New Year’s resolutions on track. Of that group, the most commonly cited ways to use their were for being on time (73.1%), keeping in touch with people (63.5%), budgeting (51.4%), reading more (48.4%), and organization (46.8%).

About the Data: The Prosper Mobile Insights survey was conducted December 29, 2011 – January, 3, 2012 among 360 smartphone and tablet users on their devices. 54.7% of the respondents were female, and the average age of the sample was 45.

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