7 in 10 US Consumers Prefer Personalized Offers

January 11, 2012

dma-uk-preference-for-promotional-offers-jan12.gif72% of US consumers prefer to receive promotional offers that reflect their likes and dislikes, a proportion that rises to 75% among UK consumers, according to [download page] a survey released in January 2012 by the UK Direct Marketing Association (DMA), sponsored by Velti. German (46%) and French (50%) consumers are less drawn to preference-driven offers, although these offers still rank as their first choice. Surprise offers from companies are most popular in Germany (32%), with France (28%) closely following, although they are preferred by only 24% of US consumers and 20% of UK consumers.

According to a December 2011 report from RSR Research, the vast majority of global retailers say that customer-centric marketing opportunities such as better targeting through more detailed customer preferences (97%) and delivering real-time personalized offers to consumers (97%) are either highly valuable or somewhat valuable to them.

Americans Like Money-Off, 2-for-1 Discounts

Data from the DMA UK’s “Promoting to the Mobile Consumer Report” indicates that money-off is considered the best discount by American consumers, voted by 63% of respondents, just edging 2-for-1 (62%) in popularity. By contrast, 2-for-1 offers take the lead over money-off discounts among consumers in the UK (65% vs. 64%), Germany (61% vs. 43%), and France (54% vs. 40%).

Americans (51%) prove most receptive to percentage-off discounts, with only UK consumers (40%) also reporting a significant degree of favorability.

Most Share Offers, But Incentives Help

Across the four countries studied, the vast majority of consumers share the offers they receive with friends and family, led by those in the US (81%). When offered a benefit, US and UK consumers, in particular, become even more willing to act: in the US, 89% would pass on offers if incentivized, while in the UK, 88% would do so, representing a 22% jump from the 72% who report currently passing them on to friends and family.

Email Best for Opt-Out

Email remains the dominant method for opt-out, cited by roughly 8 in 10 consumers in each country. Sending a text to opt-out lags far behind, highest in France (28%) and lowest in the US (18%). Voice-based opt-out enjoys considerable usage, ranging from 9% in Germany to 18% in the US, while about 1 in 7 across all countries like using customer services.

3 in 4 Americans Prefer to Print Vouchers

75% of Americans prefer to redeem offers by printing the vouchers, closely followed by the proportion of UK consumers (71%), but far more so than their German or French counterparts (49% each). In fact, in Germany, offers that can be used online (56%) have overtaken offline print vouchers in preference.

Although it falls behind print vouchers and online shopping, mobile-only redemption is seeing steady adoption, led by France, where one-quarter of consumers prefer this method. Adoption is also relatively high in Germany (18%), the US (17%), and the UK (16%).

About the Data: The DMA UK survey was launched online between September 1-7, 2011, and was conducted using an online tool, “Toluna QuickSurveys,” which surveyed 1100 individuals each from the UK, US, France and Germany aged 18 and older.

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