Android Doubles iOS in Mobile App Requests

January 6, 2012

jumptap-os-web-app-nov.jpgAndroid made up 56% of the mobile application requests on the Jumptap network in November 2011, representing a 14% increase from 49% in October, and doubling the 28% share held by iOS, according to [download page] a Jumptap report released in January 2012. Blackberry lost ground for the month, falling 38% from 26% to 16% share. Android also accounted for one-quarter of the requests on the mobile web, up from 19% in October, with Blackberry plummeting from 34% to 19% share. Feature phones saw an increase in mobile web traffic in November, rising to 45% share, compared to 34% the previous month.

Overall, 52% of requests were from the mobile web, and 48% were from mobile apps.

Android Widens OS Market Share Lead

jumptap-smartphone-os-share-nov.jpgResults from the “Simple Target & Audience Trends (STAT)” report indicate that Android’s share of the smartphone market in the Jumptap network jumped to 52.7% in November, representing an 18% increase from 44.7% in October. Rather than eat into Android’s share with its 4S release, iOS lost ground in November, falling to 22.1% share from 24.6% in October, though remaining ahead of Blackberry (20.9%).

iOS remained the leader in CTR among operating systems, up 14% from 0.63% to 0.72%. Android (0.64%) shot up 30% month-over-month to take the second rank, ahead of Symbian (0.56%).

Location-Based Targeting Drops

jumptap-nov-targeting-methods.jpgLocation-based targeted remained the preferred ad targeting method in November, but dropped to 49% usage from 61% the previous month. Feature targeting was used by 17%, with carrier (5%) and handset (3%) less popular.

Overall, 79% of campaigns on the network used at least 1 targeting method, although the proportion using only 1 soared from 19% to 64%.

Kindle Fire Traffic Soars

Although still far behind the iPad, Kindle Fire traffic grew 270% in November. According to the report, Seattle has been the quickest US city to adopt the tablet, with an estimated 1 in 124 of its consumers owning the device. Over 20% of Fire traffic from Seattle comes from within 1 mile of Amazon’s headquarters.

Other Findings:

  • Jumptap network traffic was down over the holiday weekend compared to average, although CTR was up. For example, on Thanksgiving, traffic was down 10% compared to the November average, although CTR was up 22%.
  • Traffic to Angry Birds spiked 27% over normal traffic levels at midnight on Black Friday in areas within a kilometer of a Walmart.
  • Entertainment and retail were the top industries in terms of ad spend, and also saw the highest click-through rates.
  • The share of campaigns using click to web grew to 89% in November from 76% in October at the expense of click to download campaigns, which fell from 23% to 10%.
  • Evening and late-night hours continued to be the times of highest CTR. In November, mobile users aged 55-64 and 65-74 continued to have the highest CTRs, as did families with household income above $50,000 (1.42%), when compared to those below that income threshold (.18%). Men (.53%) also continue to demonstrate higher CTRs than women (0.29%).

About the Data: November 2011 data is gleaned from the Jumptap network of over 95 million US users.

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