1 in 3 Consumers Would Never Purchase Products Via Facebook

December 19, 2011

oracle-facebook-product-purchase-intent.jpg34% of American and Canadian consumers say they would never purchase products via a retailer’s Facebook page, compared to 19% who said they would (9%) or already have (10%) done so, according to [pdf] an Oracle study released in December 2011. Data from “Cross-Channel Commerce 2011: The Consumer View” indicates that 15% of respondents did not know that they could purchase a product via a retailer’s Facebook page.

The remaining 32% of respondents do not use the social network.

SocNets Useful for Engagement, Though

23% of respondents say they have liked a merchant on Facebook, with women (30%) more ready to do so than men (17%). Roughly one-quarter say they look for coupons and special promotions on the social network.

23% of respondents reported using Twitter, although less than half say they interact with a merchant on the site. For consumers that use Twitter, 44% of those aged 25-34 say they interact with friends about products they plan to buy, followed by 30% of users aged 35-44. According to data collected by Compete in April and May 2011, a combined two-thirds of Twitter users say retailer feeds on the social network have influenced their decision to purchase products or buy from certain retailers.

Meanwhile, although at the time of the survey, Google+ did not yet allow merchant or company pages, 15% of consumers said they would interact with retailers there and 8% plan to look there for coupons and special promotions. 11% of consumers aged 18-24 said they would create a circle to track their favorite retailers on Google+ and compare products and services with friends there, compared to fewer than 7% of those aged 25-34 and less than 3% of those aged 55 and older.

Younger Consumers More Mobile-Friendly

For those that have a smartphone, 44% of consumers aged 25-34 and 30% of those aged 18-24 said they are using or soon will use their mobile phone as a payment device, though the proportion dropped to 22% of consumers aged 35-44.

For adopters, 52% said they would use a smartphone to pay in stores because it is faster and more convenient than getting out a wallet or using a credit card. Security concerns appear to be a barrier, as one-quarter of respondents worry that someone will steal payment information if they use their mobile phone to pay in stores.

When it comes to making purchases online, 45% of consumers aged 18-34 who own a smartphone use it to purchase products online as often as a few times each week, a proportion that drops to less than 6% among older consumers. Overall, 11% of US consumers use their smartphone to make an online purchase at least once a month, compared to just 5% of Canadian respondents. According to a survey released in November by Limelight Networks, one-third of consumers who use internet-connected mobile devices to research and purchase products on shopping sites do so frequently (weekly or monthly).

About the Data: Oracle’s online study polled 2,169 US and Canada consumers aged 18 years or older.

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