2 in 5 Mobile Shoppers Penalize Retailer for Unsatisfactory Site

November 29, 2011

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limelight-mobile-shopping-site-abandonment-nov11.gif20% of mobile shoppers respond to a bad shopping experience on their mobile device by completing their research and/or purchase but vowing to never return to the site in the future if they can avoid it, with a further 18% saying they abandon the site and seek alternative brands using their device, according to a survey released in November by Limelight Networks. Data from the survey indicates that the remaining 62% of mobile shoppers abandon the site on their mobile device and return to the site at a later date using a computer. According to Limelight, though, this remains a sub-optimal result: the retailer has still lost the immediate purchase and cannot guarantee that the buyer will ultimately complete the purchase.

Load Time, Product Images Most Important Features

88% of the survey respondents said that the time it takes for the site to load or appear on the screen is an either important or extremely important feature of their mobile shopping experience. This was matched by the proportion who felt the same away about the availability of detailed product images on the site, such as “zoom in” product photography or product videos. More than 4 in 5 also said that mobile site optimization was important or extremely important to creating a good shopping experience. This could be unsettling news for a large number of companies worldwide: according to an October 2011 report from Econsultancy in association with RedEye, 70% of companies are not yet designing their websites specifically for mobile phones or tablets.

Mobile Research Drives Desktop and Store Purchases

According to the Limelight survey, after researching but not purchasing a product on their mobile device, the largest proportion (76%) of mobile shoppers report purchasing the product directly at the store. 72% have bought a product on the retailer’s website on their computer after not purchasing it on their device, while less than 10% report having made a future purchase via a toll-free number or by phone.

1 in 3 Purchase Regularly

34% of mobile shoppers say they purchase products (other than downloadable apps, games, eBooks, and music) regularly (once every 1-2 months) or very often (more than once a week), while 33% report making occasional purchases (once every 3-6 months). These results are similar to findings from a July 2011 survey by PriceGrabber.com and Experian: when asked how often they make shopping-related purchases on their mobile phone, the highest percentage of mobile phone shopper respondents (22%) said a couple of times a month, while other popular responses were a few times a year (16%) and one or more times per week (12%).

About the Data: A total of 520 respondents completed the Limelight Networks survey. Respondents were required to own smartphones that use an iOS, Android, or Windows operating system (OS) and/or a tablet, and were also required to have previously researched and/or purchased a product on a shopping site using their Internet-connected mobile device.

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