Most Companies Still Without Mobile Sites

November 4, 2011

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econsultancy-product-websites-designed-for-device-nov11.gifDespite the fact that mobile phones and tablets have significantly grown in popularity recently, 70% of companies are not yet designing their websites specifically for either, according to [download page] an October 2011 report from Econsultancy in association with RedEye. Data from the “Conversion Rate Optimization Report 2011” indicates that one-quarter of companies have designed their websites specifically for mobile phones, while just 13% have done so for tablets. Supply-side respondents appear slightly more mobile-equipped: 33% of agencies say their clients have designed their websites specifically for mobile phones. The proportion of organizations conducting usability testing for their website using mobile phones and/or tablets is similar: 71% of companies and 68% of client-side respondents say they have not done so for either.

Marketing Emails Follow Pattern

84% of companies do not design their marketing emails for mobile phones and/or tablets, compared to 75% of client-side respondents. Meanwhile, roughly 4 in 5 organizations do not conduct usability testing of their marketing emails on those devices.

Smartphone Penetration Jumps Among 25-34-Yr-Olds

smartphone_agegroups.jpg62% of mobile adults aged 25-34 now own a smartphone, representing a 51% increase from the 41% who owned a smartphone in Q3 2010,?according to a Nielsen survey released in November 2011. Among those 18-24 and 35-44 years old, the smartphone penetration rate is hovering near 54%, representing a similar increase from 35% in Q3 2010. After younger adults, the segment with the second fastest-growing smartphone penetration rate is those aged 55-64. According to Nielsen, smartphone penetration among this older group is only 30%, but it jumped 5% this quarter.

Samsung Overtakes Apple

Samsung beat out Apple in Q3 2011 to become the world’s largest smartphone vendor for the first time in history, according to [download page] an October 2011 report from Strategy Analytics. Data from the report indicates that Samsung shipped 27.8 million units in the last quarter taking 23.8% of the market, compared to Apple’s 17.1 million shipments, which comprised 14.6% of the market. According to Nielsen (see link above), Apple remains the top smartphone manufacturer within the US, with 28% of smartphone consumers sporting an Apple iPhone.

About the Data: Econsultancy’s data is based on more than 700 global respondents to an online survey conducted in July and August 2011. Respondents included both client-side (in-house) organizations, and agencies, vendors or consultancies (supply-side).

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