In-Store Online Searches Prove Popular

November 2, 2011

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performics-mobile-shopping-research-within-retail-location-nov11.gifThree in five social shoppers conduct competitive price searches or find specials, coupons, or deals while in a retail location, according to a study released in October 2011 by Performics and conducted by ROI Research. Data from the “2011 Social Shopping Study” indicates that these are the most popular frequent or occasional in-store online search activities among shoppers who use social networks during the shopping process. 53% also search for product reviews while in-store, while 45% research product availability. According to the study, 41% of social shoppers research product information, 40% check for alternate store locations, while 37% search for product images and 18% search for product videos.

Close to Half Check In At Store

performics-frequency-of-mobile-shopping-research-within-retail-location-nov11.gif45% of social shoppers frequently or occasionally check in at a store, about 10% more than those who use a search engine on their mobile phone to look for product information (41%), and 50% more than those who use a barcode scanner to shop for prices (30%). Taking a photo of a product to post on a social network and ask for comments (30%) is more popular than taking a video of a product with the same purpose (20%).

Shoppers are Impatient Advice Seekers

Just one in 4 social shoppers say they have ever paused prior to finalizing a purchase in order to seek advice on a social network. Among those who have, 60% wait less than 10 minutes for feedback before proceeding with the purchase, while one in 5 wait 10-20 minutes or more than 20 minutes.

Electronics, Entertainment, and Restaurants Top Categories

performics-social-shop-verticals.jpgThe vast majority of social shoppers use shopping sites at least occasionally for electronics (82%) and entertainment (77%) shopping, followed closely by apparel (76%) and restaurants (71%). 66% of social shoppers use social networks to shop for restaurants, electronics, or entertainment, while about three in 5 use deal sites to shop among those same categories.

CityGrid: Search Top Local Biz Research Method

When it comes to people researching and finding local businesses, search trumps all alternatives, including a merchant’s own website, according to data released in October 2011 by CityGrid Media and Harris Interactive. Results of the 2011 Online Consumer Research Study show 59% of US adults say search engines are the first place they go when researching a business online. In comparison, only 8% of adults say they first visit a merchant’s website, while 4% visit a reviews site. Furthermore, the popularity of search skyrockets with the younger set: 83% of people younger than 35 say search engines are the first place they visit when researching and finding local businesses.

About the Data: The Performics survey was conducted among 1000 participants who were required to have an active social network account and use social networks at least occasionally in the shopping process. The online survey was in field from 9/27/11 to 10/4/11.

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