Twitter Leads Social Media Sharing Growth

October 31, 2011

unruly-social-media-overall-growth-in-shares-oct11.gifTwitter led all social networks in the percentage increase of sharing by members from launch until now, according to an infographic released in October 2011 by Unruly Media. Analysis by Unruly Media indicates that from its inception until now, shares on Twitter grew an astounding 35,356%. This was more than six times the 5,809% growth in Facebook Likes.

Other social media networks with substantial increases in shares since their launch include LinkedIn (3,226%), StumbleUpon (2,912%) and Tumblr (1,142%).

Facebook Send Tops Sharing Growth Since 2010

Looking at growth in social network sharing in the past year, Facebook Send leads all types of sharing with a 756% increase. Tumblr follows with 532% growth in shares, with Google +1 coming in third (418%). PingFM (272%) and LinkedIn (243%) round out the top five social networks ranked by sharing growth.

iGoogle Trends Down in Sharing

Conversely, iGoogle had the largest decrease (68%) in sharing by members since 2010, followed by AOL Lifestream (63%) and MySpace (53%). Delicious and Digg tied for the fourth-highest year-over-year decline in shares (46%).

Sharing Takes Processing Power

Each day, global social network shares generate 2.56 billion page views. In an average week, social network shares use 70 terabytes of data, or more data than the Hubble Telescope processed in its first 20 years. During the past five years, there have been 1.78 trillion page views generated by social network shares.

Wed. Morning Prime Sharing Time

Peak sharing occurs at 9:30 AM ET every day, with the most shares occurring on Wednesday. Three-quarters of all clicks occur the same day as a share, and most users click two minutes after content in shared.

Other Findings

  • The US has the highest sharing density worldwide, while Chad and the Central African Republic have the lowest sharing density.
  • Sharing by copying URLs directly from the address bar to emails, IMs and other social channels can be up to 10 times more than other sharing channels.

WaveMetrix: Fan Involvement Aids SocNet Rebranding

Brands should consider their existing fan base when rebranding or launching new goods via social media, according to an October 2011 report from WaveMetrix. Results from “Q3 2011 Benefits and Limits of a Social Media Fanbase” indicate successful brands involve fans in social media rebranding efforts rather than trying to force a positive response.

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