Product Launch Grows 75% as Mobile Campaign Goal

October 6, 2011

smart-campaign-goals-destination-aug-11-oct-2011.jpgThe percentage of mobile campaigns running on the Millennial Media network in August 2011 with product launch/release as a goal rose 75% month-over-month, according to the Millennial Media SMART Report. Product launch/release was the second-most-popular mobile campaign goal of the month (23%), trailing only sustained in-market presence (31%).

Lead gen/registrations followed as the goal of 20% of mobile campaigns during August, with increased foot traffic (12%), brand awareness (8%) and site traffic (6%) proving less popular. In terms of campaign destination, almost half (48%) drove traffic to site, while 28% led to application download and 24% led to a custom landing page, which was a 24% increase from July.

Watch Video Top Postclick Campaign Action

smart-postclick-aug-11-oct-2011.jpgExamining postclick campaign actions during August, the SMART Report finds a leading 32% led to watching a video, while 31% led to application download (mobile only). Other popular postclick actions included enroll/join/subscribe and store locator (25% each), as well as view map (21%) and retail promotion (20%).

Retail promotion grew 12% month-over-month, while store locator experienced a 14% growth month-over-month. Millennial analysis indicates entertainment and telecom advertisers increased their usage of store locator as a post-click campaign action to drive customers to movie theaters to see new movie releases and stores to buy new mobile devices.

4 in 10 Campaigns Target Audiences

Targeted audience campaigns (local market audience, demographic audience, and behavioral audience) represented 43% of the campaign targeting mix in August . Two-thirds of these campaigns (67%) targeted a local audience, while 25% targeted a demographic audience and 8% targeted a behavioral audience.

Campaigns leveraging broad reach targeting methods (run of network, custom subnet and channel) accounted for 57% of the campaign targeting mix. Millennial analysis shows that brands across multiple verticals, including entertainment and retail & restaurants, leveraged broad reach targeting methods to increase awareness of their new movie releases and summer sales. In addition, finance advertisers ran mobile campaigns to generate leads for their new credit and loan products.

Alcohol Leading CPG Vertical

Focusing on mobile CPG ads during August, the SMART Report finds 42% were from the alcoholic beverage vertical, while another 26% were from cosmetics/hygiene and 15% were from the beverage vertical. The food (11%) and household product (6%) verticals contributed the remaining share of ads.

CPG Ads Favor Postclick ‘Mocial’ Action

CPG ads had significantly different trends from overall ads in their postclick actions. For example, a leading 78% led to “mocial” (mobile social) actions, compared to just 19% of overall ads. CPG ads also overrepresented in watching video (56% compared to 32%), while underrepresenting in application download (11% compared to 31%).

Smartphone Share of Connected Device Impressions Grows 6%

Smartphones accounted for 72% of all connected device impressions on the Millennial Media mobile network, according to the August 2011 Millennial Media Mobile Mix. This represents 6% growth from a 68% share in July 2011. Meanwhile, feature phones and connected devices each accounted for 14% of August impressions.

This is down 12.5% from the 16% share both held in July. Looking at operating system, 54% of impressions on the Millennial network were made by devices running the Android OS, while 28% ran the Apple iOS. The only other mobile OS with significant share of the August impressions total was RIM, with 13%.

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