Lead Quality Biggest B2B Site KPI

September 30, 2011

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demandbase-kpis-sep-2011.JPGMost businesses assess the overall effectiveness of their company’s website by the quality of the leads it yields, according to [landing page] a study released in September 2011 by Demandbase. Results of the “2011 National Website Demand Generation Study” indicate 34% of B2B marketing/IT professionals say quality of leads is the most important key performance indicator (KPI) for measuring their website’s effectiveness.

Visitors (22%) and sales (21%) virtually tie for second place. There is then a significant dropoff in the rate of respondents citing quantity of leads (9%), with page views (8%) and combined other responses (6%) following closely behind.

2 in 3 Marketing/IT Pros Use Free Web Analytics

demandbase-tools-sep-2011.JPGWhen asked what tools they use to measure company website performance, two-thirds (67%) of respondents said they use free web analytics tools. This was more than double the 28% who use the next-most-popular social media monitoring tools (more than one response accepted). Another 23% use site performance tools, while 19% use paid web analytics tools, 18% use internally built tools and 11% use onsite surveys.

Interestingly, Demandbase analysis points out none of these tools measures lead quality, which is by far the most popular KPI selected by respondents. Demandbase advises this may indicate a wider adoption of web analytics tied to CRM to increase lead quality.
Thirty percent of respondents are using a free web analytics tool only, while overall 56% are only using one tool to measure website performance.

Ability to Act on Data Biggest Challenge

Fifty percent of respondents said having the ability to act on data is one of the biggest challenges (more than one response accepted) to their web analytics efforts. This was virtually twice the rate of the second-most-popular challenge, ease of implementation (26%). Other top responses include ease of real-time reporting (21%) and ease of understanding (19%).

Number of Visits Top B2B Online Metric

demandbase-metrics-sep-2011.JPGThe number of visits a visitor has made to the site is the top online metric used by B2B marketing/IT professionals, with 65% of respondents using this metric (more than one response accepted). All activity of registered users follows (49%), with other popular metrics including location of individual users and inbound source of individual users (41% each).

Less popular online metrics include company of individual users (20%), while 5% of respondents do not use any metrics to measure their site performance.

Most Marketing/IT Pros Don’t Know Where Customers Abandon

Close to half (45%) of respondents don’t know where their B2B customers are most likely to abandon their site. Another 17% say abandonment most often occurs on a resource page (such as a blog or white paper), while 15% say signup/registration page and 13% say home page. Much smaller percentages cite recruiting page (4%) or product page (3%).

Corporate Sites Top Online B2B Lead Gen Tool

Although four in 10 (41%) B2B marketing/IT professionals say personal connections and referrals are their top lead source, corporate websites (23%) are the clear leader in online lead generation, according to other study results. Results of the “2011 National Website Demand Generation Study” indicate the percentage of respondents citing corporate sites as their top lead source is 64% higher than the 14% citing email, the second-most-popular online lead source.

About the Data: Data is based on a sample of 100 B2B marketing and IT professionals, invited to participate via online promotion and e-mail with the survey administered online May 18-25, 2011 using a web survey tool.

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