Business Endpoint Security Revenues Forecast for $16.4B

March 26, 2010

The market for business endpoint security as a whole (including mobile) should reach global revenues of $16.4 billion by 2014, according to data from Juniper Research.

In a new white paper, “Is This the Endpoint for Security?,” Juniper defines business endpoint security as an approach to IT security whereby security applications are distributed to end-user devices but managed from a central point. A client program is downloaded to organization endpoints, which include desktops, laptops and smartphones.

US, Western Europe to Lead Endpoint Security Market Growth
The market for business endpoint security as a whole is expected to reach $16.4 billion by 2014. While revenues in every global market segment are expected to grow, that growth is forecast to be proportional. This means that the US and Western Europe, which both account for about a quarter of total global endpoint revenues today, should both account for that same percentage in 2014.


In decreasing order by revenue share, the remaining revenues will be generated by the Far East and China, South America, the Indian subcontinent, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and the rest of Asia/Pacific.

Legislation Will Boost Encryption Revenues
Encryption is set to increase at a rate of 26% to $4.3 billion by 2014, largely due to legislation regarding data protection. Data protection legislation covering personal information on company phones and other office hardware, particularly in the US, Europe and Japan, will further boost the encryption market.

Mobile Security Need Grows
The increasing usage and capabilities of mobile devices have resulted in endpoint security systems encompassing mobile devices with greater frequency. In addition to mobile devices storing more data and being used to access the internet more frequently, their increased processing power makes them able to support stronger attacks that require higher levels of memory and computing capability.

Mobile Fraud Expected to Increase
Predictions from fraud prevention consulting firm The Fraud Practice, LLC support Juniper’s forecast for an increasing need for mobile security. In a recent list of the top 10 fraud trends for 2010, The Fraud Practice included the rise of mobile phone fraud as mobile phones increase in popularity and functionality. Web-enabled phones are now vulnerable to the same worms and viruses as PCs.

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