Top Feb. ’10 Coupons:, Adidas Outlet Stores

March 25, 2010

An online coupon for $9.99 per day on weekends from and a printable coupon for 30% off purchases at Adidas outlet stores were the most popular coupons in February 2010, according to [pdf] coupon aggregator RetailMeNot, which recently released its coupon data report for the month.

RetailMeNot’s report on top monthly coupons separately reports its online and printable-coupon savings numbers. Overall, consumers saved about $6.31 million online last month and saved about $65.3 million online from the launch of RetailMeNot’s coupon data report in April 2009 until the end of February 2010. Printable coupon users saved about $1.28 million online last month, downloading 256,047 coupons. Since April 2009, printable coupon users have saved $14.09 million, downloading 2.8 million coupons.

February 2010 coupon traffic measured 12.8 million users, a 62% increase from 7.9 million users in February 2009. During the month, online coupon users generated about $32.9 million in sales, a 62% jump from $20.2 million in February 2009. There were 339,230 online coupons available for 58,667 retailers, and 56,486 printable coupons available for 52,000 stores.

February 2010 Brand and Category Highlights
Victoria’s Secret, Amazon and JCPenney were the top three most-searched stores. Fantastic Sam’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Fantastic Sam’s were the top three printable bands searched last month. The top three printable categories searched were food, apparel and restaurant.



February 2010 Local/State Highlights
The top three printable ZIP codes searched were 63038 (Glencoe, MO), 17610 (Henderson, NV) and 93065 (Frisco, TX). The top three states using printable coupons were Illinois, Minnesota and New Jersey. The top three states using online coupons were New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey.


Gen X Represents Online Coupon Opportunity
More than 80% of Generation X (ages 33-44) are online checking out Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, shopping and price-checking online and texting or emailing friends, according to recent research from The Nielsen Company. Many Gen X-ers have young families, making time a precious commodity. Online coupons are an ideal way to take advantage of Gen X-er’s online habits while meeting their needs for time efficiency.

About the Data: RetailMeNot aggregates printable coupons from,,, and Clipper Magazine and makes them searchable by category, brand and location. The site also offers online coupons from numerous retailers. Coupon and shopping trends in the report are based on a compilation of visitor data from RetailMeNot and RetailMeNot Printable for February 2010. The approximate savings for printable coupons are calculated based on an average of $5 savings per coupon downloaded. The approximate savings for online coupons are based on the number of online page views multiplied by an average user savings of $29 per coupon used.

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