Positive Consumer Sentiment for Amazon Grows

April 1, 2021

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Convey Consumer Sentiment Amazon Impact Retail Industry Mar2021Consumers seem to have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Amazon. In the past, they’ve expressed that they can’t live without the company, yet, at the same time, have exhibited waning positivity about its ethics. But no matter what reservations consumers have about the company, positive sentiment about Amazon’s impact on the Retail industry has increased over the last year, per a survey from Convey.

In its 2nd annual Amazon survey, Convey found that some 51.5% of the US consumers (ages 18+) surveyed believe that Amazon’s impact on Retail has been very or somewhat positive. This is up from 45.1% who said the same in 2020. Likewise, there has been a drop in consumers between 2020 (23.7%) and 2021 (19.9%) who think that Amazon’s impact on Retail has been very or somewhat negative. This is highly likely the result of the pandemic and the extent to which consumers turned to e-commerce, magnifying Amazon’s importance.

A similar survey in 2020 found that close to half (47%) of consumers felt that Amazon’s impact on the environment was neutral. The share of respondents who feel the same in 2021 has dropped slightly (44%). However, those who say that the e-commerce giant’s impact on the environment is very/somewhat positive has grown noticeably, up to 35.9% this year from 26.4% in 2020.

Fast, free shipping has long been a reason for consumers to shop at Amazon. It remains the reason 73% of consumers shop at Amazon to this day, although this percentage has dropped from 79.6% in 2020. One reason for shopping at the e-commerce giant that has gained steam over the past year has been the easy and convenient purchase process Amazon provides (58.4%, up from 42% in 2020).

Shipping also factors into why consumers are choosing Amazon over local, small businesses. Close to one-quarter (23.3% share) say that shipping is more expensive or not free at a small business, while 22.1% say shipping was going to take longer from a small business than Amazon.

However, price is the most popular reason for choosing Amazon over a local business. One-third (33.7% share) claim that items are more expensive at a small business.

The full report can be found here.

About the Data: Results are based on a survey of 1,100 US consumers ages 18+.

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