Top Retailers and QSRs: Kohl’s & Five Guys Take Honors

January 26, 2010

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Kohl’s and Target are the #1 and #2? favorite fashion and accessory retailers among US consumers when the number of retail locations are factored into the rankings, while Five Guys and Chik-fil-A are the top two fast-food choices when market size is considered, according to recently released research by Market Force Information.

Factoring Location into Equation

When consumers were shown a list of the country’s 55 top retailers (collected from the Hoover’s database)? and asked to select their single favorite, Walmart received the highest number of votes from consumers across the country, with its low prices cited as the primary reason. This initially placed Walmart atop the list with 16% of the votes. Kohl’s followed with 12%, and Target and JCPenney tied for third place with 8% of the total votes, respectively, Market Force said.


However, the study then figured in the number of locations for each retailer. While Walmart has more than 3,600 locations in North America, Kohl’s and Target have less than one-third that number. Market Force’s analysis, when accounting for the number of store locations put Kohl’s into the top ranked position with a 13.2% score, followed by Target with an 8.8% score.


Interestingly, when Market Force asked consumers about the characteristics they appreciated most about these leading retailers. The breakaway winner with the hearts and minds of consumers was Target. Though Macy’s took the top spot for the brand names it carries, Target eclipsed the rest of the competition in the speed of service, overall atmosphere and green/sustainable growth policies categories. Target also tied for first with JCPenney for the “ability to find what I need” and for friendly service.

Kohl’s, Walmart, and Target virtually tied for first place in overall value, the study found.

Quick-Service Restaurants

When this consumer group was shown a list of the country’s 52 top franchise QSRs (obtained from QSR magazine) and asked to select their single favorite, Chik-fil-A and McDonald’s both received the highest number of votes from consumers across the country, 11% of the total for each, according to Market Force.


However, when market size was considered, Five Guys and Chik-fil-A emerged on top.


While McDonald’s has almost 14,000 locations in North America, Chik-fil-A has one-tenth that number, and Five Guys has just 3% of the McDonald’s chain reach. Five Guys topped the adjusted list with 14.4%, followed by Chik-fil-A in second with 12.5%. Chipotle and Panera Bread were #3 and #4, respectively, with 7.7% and 7.3%.

When? respondents were asked to score these same restaurant chains for characteristics they appreciate most, Chik-fil-A scored highest in three out of nine categories: friendliness, cleanliness, and accommodating children. Five Guys tied for highest in quality of food with Chipotle, and ranked second in friendliness and cleanliness.


Spending Habits for Q110

The survey also asked the respondents to predict their spending habits in the first three months of 2010. Key findings:

  • 6 out of 10 consumers say they’re going to spend the same or more as the past three months.
  • 65% say they plan to splurge on one item, with electronics, travel and apparel the most popular categories.
  • Slightly more than half say they expect to eat out about the same amount.
  • 5% percent say they expect to eat out more at QSRs during the first quarter.
  • 44% say they planned to cut back their patronage at QSRs.

About the research: The survey was conducted in early December 2009 among the Market Force network of more than 300,000 consumers. The pool of 3,000 respondents ranged in age from 19 -72, and reflected a broad spectrum of income levels; approximately half had incomes of more than $50K a year. Approximately 75% were women, the primary household consumer purchasers. Half have children at home.

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