Top November Coupons: Party Supplies & Children’s Clothes

December 15, 2009

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An online coupon for $10 off a $30-or-more order at and a printable coupon for $15 off a Children’s Place purchase were the most popular coupons in November 2009, according to coupon aggregator RetailMeNot, which recently released its coupon-use data report (pdf) for the month.?

RetailMeNot’s report on top monthly coupons separately reports its online and printable-coupon savings numbers. Overall, consumers potentially saved $6.4 million in November by using online coupons. Printable coupon users downloaded 406,738 offers and saved $2.0 million, based upon an average of $5 savings per coupon downloaded. These numbers represent an increase from the potential $4.8 million printable and $4.8 million in savings in October.

In November, the site featured 329,489 online coupons for 46,636 retailers and 100,928 printable coupons for 52,000 stores, brands and restaurants. Sales generated through RetailMeNot for the month were approximately $33.5 million, a year-over-year change of 75%, from $19.2 million in November 2008.

Savings Continue to Grow

Since RetailMeNot began tracking its coupon use in mid-April 2009, consumers have downloaded nearly 2.1 million printable coupons and have theoretically saved $10.4 million. The RetailMeNot site saw 16.9 million visitors during November 2009, a 75% increase over 9.7 million in November 2008.

Additional findings from the November report:

  • Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, and Kohls were the most searched stores for online coupons:


  • Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Fantastic Sam’s were the most searched brands for printable coupons:


  • The 15601 zip code in Greensberg, PA ranked #1 in the top-10 list of zip-codes searched for printable coupons:


  • Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey were the top-three states using online coupons, while New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois used the most printable coupons.



  • The top-three printable categories searched were for apparel, haircuts and sit-down restaurants:


  • 57,362 coupons on the site were shared by users in November, up from 37,213 in October.
  • 650,520 votes on coupons were submitted by users, up from 526,137 in October.
    Members of the site community generated 23,386 comments about coupons and related topics, up from 19,597 in October.

Couponing on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Coupon data included in the November report also includes information about Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2009 coupon activity. In its special reports for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, revealed that Black Friday traffic to the site rose 65% vs. 2008 and Amazon, Kohls and Best Buy were the top-three merchants searched. Coupons accessed on the site were worth $2.5 million.

On Cyber Monday, traffic to was up 35% vs. 2008 and coupons accessed on the site were worth $2.3 million. The top-three merchants searched were Amazon, Victoria’s Secret and Best Buy.

About the data: RetailMeNot Printable aggregates printable coupons from,,, and Clipper Magazine and makes them searchable by category, brand and location. The site also offers online coupons from numerous retailers. Coupon and shopping trends in the report are based on a compilation of visitor data from RetailMeNot and RetailMeNot Printable for November. The approximate savings for printable coupons are calculated based on an average of $5 savings per coupon downloaded. The approximate savings for online coupons are based on the number of online page views multiplied by an average user savings of $29 per coupon used.

On November 12, RetailMeNot and announced they have teamed up to provide their users easy access to each other’s money-saving offers.

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