Could Tuesday be the Day to Watch for Retailers?

March 12, 2020

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CampaignMonitor US Retail Email Response Rates in 2019 Mar2020When it comes to e-commerce, some days have higher traffic and conversion rates than others. As it turns out, per a new report from Oribi, Tuesdays may be the best day for online retailers in certain industries.

In its analysis of data of more than 5.2 million visitors who purchased more than 22,000 products from more than 200 online shops in Q4 2019, Oribi looked at sales and consumer behavior in the Fashion, Lifestyle, Medical and Wholesale industries. What this analysis found was that online sales were highest on average across these industries on Tuesdays, when conversion rates averaged 2.5%. This is compared to weekends when conversion rates were found to fall to 2.1%.

However, when comparing weekdays as a whole versus weekends, conversions rates were similar, averaging roughly 2%.

Tuesdays were also the day when e-commerce retail sites for the four industries examined received the most traffic. Indeed, the analysis shows that the average traffic to online stores was 14% higher on Tuesdays than on other weekdays. That said, the checkout abandonment was 10% higher than average on Tuesdays.

Separately, most online stores saw 35% less traffic on the weekend days than on weekdays.

Previous research from Campaign Monitor shows a similar tilt towards Tuesdays when it comes to US retail email response rates. In presenting email benchmarks from 2019, Campaign Monitor revealed that for retailers, Tuesdays had the highest average open rate, of 13%, followed by Sundays (12.6%). Similarly, the research found that click-through rates were also highest on Tuesdays (2.0%), narrowly outperforming Thursdays and Sundays, which both had an average click-through rate of 1.9%.

These findings are interesting – and warrant closer look (with the disclaimer that individual results will vary!). They are also not necessarily prescriptive. Other global data [download page] from SaleCycle has found that in 2019 Thursday was the day shoppers were most likely to make a purchase online, with an average sale volume of 15% compared to Saturday’s 12.5% sales volume.

The full Oribi report can be found here.

About the Data: The Oribi report results are derived from analysis of data from 5.2 million online shop visitors to 204 online stores and 22,459 product purchases conducted in Q4 2019.

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