Black Friday Online: Amazon, Wal-mart, Target Most Visited

November 30, 2009

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Analytics, Automated & MarTech | CPG & FMCG | Promotions, Coupons & Co-op | Retail & E-Commerce received 13.6% of US visits among the top 500 Retail websites on Black Friday this year, making 2009 the second year in a row that the online-only retailers was the top-visited site on the day after Thanksgiving, according to an analysis of top Black Friday sites by Experian Hitwise.


Overall, the percentage of US visits to the top 500 retail websites was up 4% on Black Friday 2009 vs. Thanksgiving Day 2009, while year-over-year? visits were down 9% vs. Black Friday 2008.

Other findings from the analysis:

  • Wal-Mart was the second-most visited site on Black Friday, with 11.2 % of visits.? was #3, with 5.65%, and was #4 with 4.62%. These sites were followed by’s website,? with 3% of visits.
  • Among the top-20 sites visited on Black Friday 2009, the Apple Store, with a 110% increase, saw the largest increase in visits compared with Thanksgiving Day 2009. Staples saw a 47% vs. Thanksgiving, and Dell’s site traffic rose 40%. Amazon visits increased 9%.

Downstream Traffic from Black-Friday Sites

Though Wal-Mart was the second-most-visited site overall, it was the top site to receive traffic from Black-Friday sites on Black Friday, with a 32% increase in traffic compared with 2008. BestBuy and Target received the second- and third-most traffic from Black-Friday sites.


Among the top 10 sites to receive traffic from Black-Friday sites on Black Friday, Target received the largest increase in year-over-year traffic, with 110%, Hitwise said.

Overall traffic to Black Friday sites – which helped consumers find the best deals -? on Black Friday was up 9% vs. 2008.

Earlier this month, Experian Hitwise reported that site traffic to Black Friday sites had begun to pick up well before this year’s holiday.

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