How Many Search Results Do People Scroll Through on Amazon?

April 19, 2019

One of the benefits of Amazon is that a shopper is rarely starved for choice. Yet, despite being presented with pages of options during a search, almost half (45%) of shoppers say they typically don’t scroll past the second page of results, per a report [download page] from Feedvisor.

The research also found that 12% of consumers limit their browsing to the first page of results. But this doesn’t mean clicks to the products are as low – research from Jumpshot has revealed that about two-thirds of product clicks actually come from the first page of search results.

Unsurprisingly, price remains a deciding factor when making a purchase, with the majority (82%) of respondents reporting that price is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a product. This is backed up by another study [download page] by CPC Strategy, which revealed that price was the biggest factor when making their most recent purchase decision for 41.1% share of respondents.

1 in 3 Report Clicking on a Product Ad on Amazon

According to Feedvisor, 43% of respondents say they have clicked on an ad linked to a product on Amazon when browsing the web, and more than three-quarters (76%) say they have clicked on such an ad when seen on Google. Facebook is the second highest referrer, with almost half (49%) of those respondents clicking on an ad for an Amazon product through the platform.

As Amazon starts to pose a threat to Google and Facebook for digital ad spend, it is interesting to see that Feedvisor also found that just over one-third (35%) of respondents have clicked on a product ad while browsing on Amazon. This percentage increases considerably for younger respondents (18-21 years old) with 57% reporting having clicked on an ad in Amazon.

When asked how they felt about Amazon ads, the top response from respondents (among the list provided) was that they rarely notice the ads. CPC Strategy’s research had the same finding, with most respondents rarely noticing the ads on Amazon.

To read more, download the Feedvisor report here and the CPC Strategy report here.

About the Data: Feedvisor’s report provides a detailed view of the browsing and buying habits of more than 2,000 U.S. consumers who have shopped on Amazon in the last two years.

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