Milk-Carton Ads Spur ‘Significant’ Sales Increases

August 31, 2009

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More than 96% of US households drink milk, and as a result, many advertisements on milk cartons have been responsible for a “significant increase in sales” for marketers, according to a study commissioned by BoxTop Media.

This improvement in sales could mean as much as a 4% to 6% boost for large brands, while new or smaller brands could see improvements of as much as 100%, the research found.

Milk cartons – from the half pints sold at schools to gallon jugs sold in grocery stores – have increasingly become platforms for marketers, reports Media Buyer Planner. While the best-known milk carton campaigns – the faces of missing children prominent throughout the 1980s – have moved online, other campaigns have promoted things such as frozen dinners from Stouffers, graham crackers, Duncan Hines brownies, and Cheerios, writes The New York Times.

BoxTop Media, which specializes in ad campaigns on milk containers, worked with Knowledge Networks to conduct a study on whether milk-carton ads were really effective, and discovered that, for the nearly 30 campaigns that were studied, sales improved significantly

Marketers that advertise on half pints in schools must be cognizant of the fine line they need to walk when advertising to children, Media Buyer Planner said. Campaigns often promote milk itself, reading, or exercise, using characters like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman and the Transformers.

Brands advertising on milk cartons via BoxTop Media include General Mills, Kraft, Kellogg, Quaker, Disney and Paramount.

There are more than 20 gallons of milk produced each year for each person in theUS, according to the Agriculture Department. BoxTop Media further claims that, in addition to nearly all households drinking milk, milk is the most frequently purchased item in supermarkets. The firm says consumers see milk containers every day, multiple times per day and more than 4 glasses of milk are consumed per household each day.

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