Men Ogle Women; Women Ogle Clothes

August 7, 2009

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Men will spend almost one year of their lives ogling women, while women will spend nearly the same amount of time deciding what clothes to wear on various occasions, according to several recent publicity surveys conducted in the UK by OnePoll.

The first poll, sponsored by Britain’s Kodak Lens Vision Centres found that the average heterosexual man spends almost 43 minutes each day eyeing about 10 different women.

This adds up to 259 hours – almost 11 days – each year, which projects to 11 months and 11 days spent between ages 18 and 50, OnePoll said.

In contrast, heterosexual women spend only about half that time looking at the opposite sex, the survey found. UK women look at six men for about 20 minutes each day. This calculates to six months of ogling between ages 18 and 50.

The poll of 3,000 also revealed the top locations for man- and woman-watching. The supermarket tops the list for ogling men, followed by the pub and nightclub, while women’s most popular viewing locations are pubs and nightclubs.


Other study findings:

  • While the majority of men and women feel flattered at being gazed at, men are more likely to enjoy it. 19% say it makes them feel happy, compared with just 9% of women.
  • 16% of women say being watched makes them uncomfortable, while 20% say it embarrasses them.
  • More than 40% of women say they first look at a man’s eyes, while the same amount of men say they look at a woman’s body.
  • More than half of total respondents have been left red-faced after being caught eyeing someone.
  • One third of total respondents have ended up arguing with their significant other about their ogling, and one in ten have split up with a partner because of it.
  • 35% of respondents have started a relationship with someone they eyed-up.
  • More than one-third would miss being able to admire the opposite sex if they couldn’t see, while another 71% would miss their partner’s face.
  • 61% are worried about their eyesight fading.

What to Wear?

A separate poll of nearly 2,500 females in the UK estimates that women will spend almost one year of their lives deciding what to wear.

The survey, which was also conducted by OnePoll for clothier Matalan, found that the average female will spend 287 days of her life rifling through her wardrobe. The one-year projection is based on an adult lifetime that spans from ages 16 to 60.

In terms of picking clothes on specific days and times, the average women spends 16 minutes every weekday morning deciding what to wear, and about 14 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday morning. A slightly larger chunk of time (20 minutes) is spent selecting an outfit for a Friday or Saturday night outing.


Additional survey findings:

  • Weeknights out can take up to 20 minutes for an average woman to select an outfit.
  • Deciding what clothes to take on vacation uses up to 52 minutes.
  • While on vacation, a woman takes 10 minutes each morning and 10 minutes each evening to find an acceptable outfit.
  • Dinner parties, Christmas parties and black-tie events take up 36 minutes each, six times a year. This a adds up to three and a half days over the course of an average lifetime.
  • Picking an outfit for the gym or other sporting activity takes 14 minutes each visit.
  • An average women will try on two outfits each morning before coming to a final decision.
  • One in two women spend 15 minutes the night before work deciding what to wear.

The reseach also found that a woman spends about 64 hours each year talking to other women about clothes, 15 minutes a week chatting to friends on the phone about clothes they have bought or intend to buy, and 16 minutes each week talking to their male partner about clothes.

The poll did not measure the amount of time that men spend picking out clothes to wear.

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