These 10 Brands Have the Highest Consumer Advocacy Ratings in the US

December 19, 2016

YouGov BrandIndex has debuted a new brand advocacy ranking, based on consumer likelihood to recommend more than 1,500 major brands. The results show that medical brands dot the list of the top 10 brands, placing 4 within that list. While hospital organizations did well as a sector, cable and satellite TV and consumer banks lagged with the lowest advocacy levels.

That pay-TV providers as a sector languished at the bottom isn’t be too surprising, given their perennially low customer satisfaction scores.

The top brand overall is Mayo Clinic, with an advocacy score of 79.6. These scores can range from -100 to 100, with a 0 score indicating a neutral position. Scores were determined by asking respondents if they would recommend a brand to a friend – and then filtering for adults 18 and older who are customers of the brand they were recommending.

Following Mayo Clinic was Johns Hopkins Medicine (78.5), with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (#5; 75.0) and Cleveland Clinic (#8; 73.1) the other medical brands on the list. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America enjoyed the 6th-best buzz of any brand in the US during the first half of this year, according to earlier research from YouGov that ranked brands on whether respondents had recently heard something positive or negative about them.

Aside from medical brands, other notable names on the advocacy rankings list are:

45th Parallel Design Ad

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