Display, Social Play More of an “Assist” Role in the Online Purchase Journey

April 29, 2013

Google-Typical-Channel-Roles-Customer-Purchase-Journey-Apr2013Google has released a customer journey to online purchase benchmark tool, providing insights as to where different marketing channels impact the customer journey. Based on transactional data collected from Google Analytics accounts with e-commerce tracking enabled, the tool reveals that in the US, display, social and email each act more as an assist interaction, while paid search acts almost equally as an assist and last interaction.

Social media’s influence in engaging buyers earlier in the journey likely means that the channel is undervalued in a last-click attribution model, an argument made last year by Adobe.

Segmenting the results shows that the channels’ influence differs quite significantly by industry, though. For example, organic search is much more likely to be a last interaction in the health sector than in the travel sector.

The tool also benchmarks revenues by days and steps. Overall, 47% of revenue tracked from US accounts comes from purchases made in more than one day, and 65% from purchases made in more than one step. Again, though, those figures differ substantially by industry. When it comes to CPG, only 20% of revenue is derived from purchases made in more than one day, and just 32% from purchases made in more than one step.

About the Data: The US portion of the report comprises transactional data collected from 12,000 Google Analytics accounts/profiles with e-commerce tracking enabled, including 130 million conversions. The purchase paths in the report are each based on interactions with a single e-commerce advertiser.

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