How Many Emails Do Non-Profits Send Their Subscribers?

April 27, 2016

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M+R-Non-Profit-Emails-Per-Subscriber-Per-Year-in-2015-Apr2016Source: M+R [download page]

    Notes: Non-profits’ email lists and messaging volume both grew in 2015, though response rates declined, per M+R’s 10th annual Benchmarks report, which surveyed 105 participants across 8 sectors. Non-profits sent their subscribers a median average of 49 messages per year, with the largest number (19) of those being fundraising messages (which unsurprisingly sported the lowest open and click rates). Rights organizations were the most active mailers, sending their subscribers an average of 61 emails per year, per the report.

    While email response rates declined, email revenue grew as a result of the increased volume with email giving comprising 29% of all online-derived revenues for the non-profits surveyed. Overall, those organizations received a median average of $44 for ever 1,000 fundraising messages they sent.

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        About the Data: The 2016 M+R Benchmarks Study collected data from 105 nonprofits for the calendar year of 2015. The analysis covers 2.8 billion email messages sent to over 69 million list subscribers; more than $481 million of online donations from over 13 million online gifts; and 8.2 million advocacy actions. M+R notes that:

        “Study participants provided data about individual email messages sent in 2014 and 2015. They coded their individual email messages by type (advocacy, fundraising, newsletter, or other). Advocacy rates were calculated from emails that promoted a simple online advocacy action to the full file or a random sample of the full file. Fundraising rates were calculated from one-time giving messages. Newsletter rates were calculated from all newsletter emails.”

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