Google AdWords Benchmarks, by Industry

March 7, 2016

WordStream-Google-AdWords-Search-Benchmarks-by-Industry-March2016Source: WordStream

    Notes: The median click-through rate (CTR) in AdWords across industries is 1.91% on the search network, according to a WordStream analysis of 2,367 US-based clients who were advertising on AdWords’ Search and Display networks in Q2 2015. Dating and personals (3.4%) advertisers scored the highest median CTR, while other verticals with above-average CTRs included finance & insurance (2.65%), B2B (2.55%) and consumer services (2.4%).

    Legal services, which had the lowest median CTR (of 1.35%), saw the highest median cost-per-click (CPC) of $5.88. That was well above the next-highest verticals, employment services ($4.20) and consumer services ($3.77).

    Meanwhile, financial services advertisers enjoyed by far the highest conversion rate, with the 7.19% median almost triple the 2.7% median average across industries. E-commerce advertisers, by contrast, had the lowest conversion rate of just 1.91%, which WordStream attributes to the lack of options to change their offers.

    Finally, the legal field had the highest cost per action ($135.17) on the search network, followed by health and medical ($126.19) and employment services ($105.79).

    For industry benchmarks on the Google AdWords display network, visit WordStream’s analysis here.

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