iOS App Push Notification Opt-in Benchmarks, by Industry, in 2014

April 17, 2015

UrbanAirship-Push-Notification-Opt-in-Rates-by-Indus-in-2014-Apr2015Source: Urban Airship

    Notes: Mobile applications examined by Urban Airship across 15 industries had a median push notification opt-in rate of 42% in 2014, according to an analysis of almost 3,000 apps and 100 billion push notifications sent to to more than 500 million users. Median rates were highest for charity/non-profit/foundation (58%) and business (54%) apps, and lowest for gaming (33%) apps. Top-performing apps (those in the 90th percentile in their categories) had opt-in rates above 50% in each industry, highest for travel apps (78%) and lowest for food & drink apps (51%). Of note, retail (46% to 36%) and media and entertainment (50% to 42%) had the biggest year-over-year declines in median opt-in rates.

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        About the Data: Urban Airship analyzed customer data in aggregate to identify apps with at least 5,000 downloads that had sent at least 1,000 cumulative pushes in one month. Analysis included 2,946 apps that had collectively sent more than 93 billion notifications to more than 533 million users. For industry-specific insights apps were manually categorized into 15 industry verticals. To offer performance benchmarks, results were grouped into High, Medium and Low ranges using 90th, 50th and 10th percentiles.

        Android apps were excluded from the study as Android users are automatically opted in to notifications on app download.

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