Weekend Reading, 10/17/14

October 17, 2014

comScore-Most-Important-TV-Content-Genres-Oct2014With the TV industry rocked by big news in successive days this week (standalone streaming services planned by HBO and CBS), it’s well worth taking a look at what content is most important to pay-TV subscribers. According to a recently-released study [download page] from comScore, the two most important genres for pay-TV and non-pay-TV subscribers are news and prime-time shows. The real gap is for live sports, which pay-TV subscribers are twice as likely to consider important as their non-subscriber counterparts. Once sports goes the way of streaming the pay-TV package is well truly and over – as live sports content remains one of the last bastions of appointment viewing.

Here are some more pieces of research to mull over this weekend:

  • Also from comScore: In August, Facebook boasted more desktop video views than YouTube for the first time, with this the result of auto-play ads, notes comScore’s chairman in an interview with Beet.tv.
  • Luxury brands’ in-banner video units showed above-average performance in interaction, dwell and click-through rates, reports Sizmek in new data regarding digital ad performance for the luxury vertical. More data here [download page].
  • Mobile ad performance should be measured on the basis of secondary actions rather than clicks, argues xAd in a study performed with Nielsen.
  • What were digital marketers tweeting about in September? Wait for it… #marketing was the top hashtag, according to a new LeadTail study. Just to prove it’s not all work and no play, #NFL was the 10th-most used hashtag.
  • On the topic of the NFL, 55% of American adults say they follow professional football, with this figure relatively constant across generations but higher among men (69%) than women (43%). The Harris Interactive study also finds that the Denver Broncos have supplanted the Dallas Cowboys as America’s favorite team.
  • Millennial women (born 1980-1995) are interested in causes related to arts and culture as well as the environment, but Millennial mothers are most interested in children’s causes and religious causes, finds Exponential Interactive [pdf] in a review of data gathered from its Advertising Intelligence Platform.
  • In the UK, 35-44-year-olds are the most active online shoppers, per research [download page] from Order Dynamics, with 90% having shopped online during the 3 months prior to the survey. Additional data surrounding UK shoppers’ on-site search and preferred delivery options found here.
  • Why do UK online shoppers abandon their carts? Website problems (slow loads or regular crashes) top the list (43%), according to a Skrill survey, with other key reasons including having to register for an account first (38%), the website asking for too much information (32%) and the unavailability of the consumer’s preferred payment method (28%).
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