Facebook Still the Top Content Sharing Destination

July 22, 2013

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Gigya-Social-Sharing-Destination-Preferences-in-Q2-July2013About half of content shared to social networks was shared to Facebook during Q2, according to an analysis of client data from Gigya. But while Facebook got the most shares, other networks are also seeing considerably activity, and there are significant disparities when sorting by content type. In particular, Pinterest – the destination for 16% of total shares – took the lead over Facebook (41% to 37%) in e-commerce sharing. And while Twitter (24% of all shares) couldn’t quite get over the hump, it rivaled Facebook for sharing from consumer brand sites (38% vs. 41%).

In terms of total shares, LinkedIn (3%) and Google+ (2%) sat well behind those other networks, despite a recent report suggesting that social sharing on Google+ is growing faster than Facebook. Neither LinkedIn nor Google+ appear to have outsized influence in any of the content types identified. Facebook’s influence is highest for education and non-profit content (71% share) and is also above-average for travel and hospitality content (58%).

The Gigya analysis also looks at social login trends, noting that Facebook held 52% share of logins, with Google+ next at 24%. Those figures are fairly similar to recently-issued data from Janrain, which found Facebook on top with 46% share, ahead of Google+, with its 34% share.

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