Blackberry Battles iPhone Loyalty ‘Stampede’

June 24, 2009

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Four out of 10 Blackberry and other smartphone users say they would switch to Apple’s iPhone as their next smartphone purchase, while only 14% of non-Blackberry smartphone users would switch to a Blackberry, according to a study from Crowd Science.


These findings (pdf) reveal a tremendous brand-loyalty to the iPhone, even among its non-users and especially among its users, Crowd Science said. Nearly all (97%) iPhone users would recommend the iPhone to someone else, and a large majority of iPhone users (82%) would purchase it again.

The survey also looked at smartphone function usage and found that nearly three-fourths of smartphone owners (71%) use their device for both business and personal reasons, with only 3% using it for business alone.

In terms of smartphone functions used, internet surfing, picture-taking, and e-mail top the list. These are followed by music, WiFi and GPS.


Of the total sample, four in 10 respondents use some type of smartphone, and iPhone users account for one in three of these smartphone users. iPhone users also and exhibit the highest satisfaction ratings among smartphone users measured.

Specific iPhone findings:

  • iPhone penetration is significantly higher among males than females, and those ages 25-44 vs. younger counterparts.
  • iPhone users outpace other smartphone owners in their use of a wide variety of phone functions – ranging from internet and email to music, WiFi and GPS.
  • iPhone users exhibit higher overall satisfaction levels with their phone.Top-2 Box satisfaction scores (on a 1-7 scale) are significantly higher among iPhone users (73%) vs. Blackberry (52%) or other smartphone users (41%).
  • iPhone top-2-box satisfaction also outperforms that for other smartphones in screen size, navigation within the phone, availability of add-ons, and video playback:


  • iPhone users are the most heavily invested in their phones, with greatest usage scores across most top-used functions (internet, e-mail, music, WiFi, GPS).
  • Nearly six-in-ten iPhone users agree they would buy Apple products over other brands if given the choice (top-2-box agreement on 1-7 scale).

“These results reflect the great challenges Blackberry faces in stemming the iPhone stampede,” said John Martin, CEO of Crowd Science. “They are also a great example of the kind of insight that can be gleaned when rigorous sampling and research techniques are applied to online populations.”

Martin added that Crowd Science plans to conduct similar studies to gauge the mindset of consumers as new devices – including the Palm Pre and iPhone 3G S begin to get traction.

About the survey: This study was conducted across the Crowd Science open research network, a group of websites from a wide range of topic areas serving over 20 million unique visitors profiled by Crowd Science’s audience measurement technology. Through random probability sampling, respondents aged 14 years and older were invited to participate. Those accepting the invitation comprised the final sample of study participants. Data collection was conducted from May 19 to June 8, 2009.

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