Average iPhone App Sees 19.9 Uses, 9.6 Minutes Per Play

May 14, 2009

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The average iPhone application has an engagement of 9.6 minutes per session and is accessed 19.9 times over its life cycle – for an average total use time per user of three hours and 10 minutes, according to Greystripe’s Q109 Consumer Insights Report (pdf), which released information about iPhone app usage among its users, as well as user response to ads placed within iPhone applications.

The research, which was conducted among Greystripe’s US iPhone customer base to meet growing demand from publishers and brands for information about market size, revenue and usage, reveals that 42% of iPhone app users have a household income of $78K or more, while 15% earn $165K or more, and 44% have children. The study also found that 46% of users play their games/apps five times or more, while 10.2% play 25 times or more.

Top 10 Apps

Greystripe said that the top 10 games/apps for the iPhone, among its users are (listed alphabetically):


Interest in Interactive Ads

The report also found that consumers favorably rate Greystripe’s rich media Flash ads for the iPhone. According to data? Greystripe cited from comScore, 80% of Greystripe users would consider downloading more ad-supported mobile games and apps:


Some 65% of Greystripe’s iPhone users say they would interact more with an ad if it were an interactive ad, as opposed to a static ad; and users were 48% more likely to prefer an interactive ad if they had previously experienced a GS.Rich Media Flash ad, the report stated.


Moreover, Greystripe said comScore findings reveal that its Flash ads have seen an average increase in top-of-mind brand awareness of 10 percentage points vs. the online average of one percentage point.


Additonal report highlights:

  • ?The US still dominates country-specific popularity of Greystripe-supported iPhone apps with the US accounting for 74.8% of traffic. The US is followed by Great Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico and Germany.
  • Among Greystripe’s iPhone consumers, there is an almost even gender split (52% male, 48% female).
  • 45% of Greystripe’s users are between ages 18 and 34.
  • 91% of Greystripe’s users are involved in their household purchasing decisions.

Greystripe provides free mobile content to consumers in an ad-supported model. Research from Q408 found that the company’s mobile gamers prefer the iPhone.

About the research: The quarterly report is based on data gathered from Greystripe users during Q109. Genre, title/application, and handset/device preferences as well as country information and iPhone engagement metrics are reflective of Greystripe’s entire user base, while additional statistics are based on surveys run in the Greystripe network during the same time period. Some of the surveys were conducted internally and others were conducted by comScore.

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