Radio-Listening US Car Buyers Want iPod Connectors

April 30, 2009

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US rock-radio listeners who are in the market for a new vehicle may be more likely to buy a particular model if it has an iPod or mp3 connector installed in it, according to recent research from Jacobs Media.

The research, conducted among 21,000 listeners of rock-music radio stations from around the US, suggests that high-tech features play an important role in the vehicle-purchase decision and that carmakers should not miss key opportunities to include and market such features to consumers.

iPod Connector Trumps Other Tech

The study asked prospective vehicle purchasers to rate the most desired features and options relating to entertainment, music, and information. It found that in addition to the almost expected AM/FM radio and CD player, the most desirable feature is the ability to connect an iPod or mp3 player to the vehicle. Mentioned by nearly half (47%) of respondents as a very important feature, this capability ranks above satellite radio, GPS, DVD player, and HD Radio:


Intent to Buy American

The survey also found that many consumers who are in the market to purchase a new vehicle this year will strongly consider an American car or truck. Overall, 12% of the total sample indicate they will purchase or lease a new vehicle in 2009. While nearly half (46%) say they always buy a domestic product, one-fifth (18%) say they are strongly considering an American car or truck, even though they typically opt for a foreign brand.The finding that a large percentage of consumers are considering American cars – coupled with the fact that so many respondents want iPod connectors, – presents opportunities for American carmakers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, according to Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs. “The automakers are struggling to generate sales in a challenging economic environment,” Jacobs said. “but outside of KIA’s new commercials for their Soul, iPod connectors are not in the sales proposition. It’s a missed opportunity. Satellite radio and GPS won’t move the needle – but iPods will.”

About the survey: Jacobs Media’s Technology Web Poll V was conducted among rock radio listeners from February 17- March 8, 2009. Data was collected from 21,143 respondents from a total of 64 classic, mainstream/active, and alternative stations in markets as diverse as Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Knoxville, and Omaha. No single station contributed more than 2.8% of the responses to the survey. Responses were collected by an email invitation to take the survey, sent to members of each participating station’s email database. All data was collected online, and efforts were made to prevent duplicate submissions.

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