Cafemoms Have More SocNet Affinity than FaceBook, MySpace Moms

December 23, 2008

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Mothers who visit popular social networking sites FaceBook, My Space and Cafemom appear to share similar characteristics in terms of online media behaviors, but? those who frequent CafeMom have a much stronger affinity for their network than the others, according to a study from Lucid Marketing.

The research found that Cafemom members are more likely to say they are ‘addicted’ to their network of choice, and? more apt to say they greatly value the connections, support and shared experiences with the other moms they meet there.


This strong affinity for Cafemom is likely due to the strength of the connections made with other moms they meet there and not the strength of the Cafemom brand itself, Lucid stated.

While Facebook and MySpace strive to offer something for everyone, Cafemom’s ability to create a meeting place exclusively for mothers is key to its enthusiastic user base, according to Kevin Burke, founder of Lucid Marketing. “They’ve done a great job of building a community of moms to find other like-minded moms.”

Additional findings about social networking? moms:

  • Moms who belong to social networks are going online for the same reasons regardless of which social network they are a member.


  • The majority of moms on all three networks feel that their profile is an extension of who they are.
  • Only 5% or less are involved in social networking to keep up with their kids.
  • The activity of moms addicted to social networks is different from moms who have never tried a social network in two prominent ways:
    • They are 170% more likely to go online for their own amusement purposes
    • They are 30% more likely to go online to socialize.


The study also found that moms addicted to social networks are also much more active in the blogosphere compared with moms who’ve never tried a social network. These social network addicts are 288% more likely to publish their own blog, and 851% more likely to share comment on blogs.

Another area of difference, in terms of receptiveness to marketing communications, is how moms feel about special promotions. Moms addicted to social networks rate special promotions positively 123% more often than moms who have never tried a social network. This is likely because such offers give them something to share with their online network of friends, Lucid stated.

About the research: Findings from the free report “Social Media & Moms, Online Social Networks Edition” are based on survey data gathered from 457 US women with children of various ages randomly recruited on the internet between August 12 and September 12, 2008. As an incentive, $5 for every 10 people who completed the survey was donated by lucid marketing to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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