Which Brands Are “Most Relevant” to Consumers?

November 8, 2016

prophet-most-relevant-consumer-brands-in-usApple is the “most relevant” brand to consumers in the US, according to a report from Prophet [pdf]. Based on a survey of almost 15,000 adults who rated 300 brands across 27 industries, the study says that the most relevant brands generally share 4 characteristics: customer obsession; ruthless pragmatism; distinctive inspiration; and pervasive innovation.

All of this adds up to brands that consumers can’t live without. While actual sales didn’t figure as a metric used to determine how indispensable brands are consumers, brands were chosen for analysis according to their contribution to US household spending. Within each industry, companies with outsized growth, as well as smaller ones driving change, were included.

The analysts note that Apple – the overall leader – topped the list in three of the four dimensions fueling relevance to consumers. Following Apple was Amazon (which has the strongest reputation of any tech company), Android, Netflix (second in brand buzz this year behind Amazon) and Google (the leader in customer loyalty).

Below, the top-ranking brand from select industries (more details in the chart above):

  • Airlines: Southwest;
  • Automotive: Honda;
  • Beauty: Sephora;
  • Beer: Bud Light;
  • Consumer Tech: Apple;
  • Department Stores: Kohl’s;
  • Entertainment: Netflix;
  • Hospitality: Marriott;
  • Internet Services / Retail: Amazon; and
  • Telecommunications: Verizon.

The full report, including further details about methodology and the top 50 brands, can be accessed here [pdf].

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