Live Video Gets Consumers’ Thumbs Up As News Source

September 22, 2016

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wibbitz-emerging-news-technology-perceptions-sept2016When it comes to emerging ways of getting the news, live video is much more of a consumer preference than chatbots, wearables and virtual reality (VR), according to a Wibbitz survey [download page] of 1,011 US adults aged 18-65. Indeed, 2 in 3 respondents cited live video as the most useful emerging technology for keeping up with the news, and a majority (52%) feel that it’s the most entertaining of the new technologies.

Likewise, live video was the only technology that respondents felt more excited than unsure about. Specifically, 30% of consumers said they feel excited or interested about using the technology to get the news, compared to 25% who feel unsure or concerned about it. (The remaining respondents felt neutral.)

By contrast, consumers were far more uncertain about other technologies, being more than 3 times as unsure as excited about VR and chatbots, and more than twice as unsure as excited about wearables for getting the news.

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In terms of adoption, a majority (54%) of respondents are at least considering using live video to get the news: 16% of respondents have already done so; another 5% are planning on doing so; and 33% more are considering using it at some point.

By comparison, only a minority are considering or using chatbots (33%), wearables (28%), and VR (28%).

A recent survey from Trusted Media Brands found that live video could be a destination for digital video spending, with about 9 in 10 agencies and 8 in 10 marketers at least willing to consider live stream video advertising in the next 6 months.

About the Data: The Wibbitz survey was conducted in July 2016 among 1,011 US adults aged 18-65.

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