B2B Email Still Very Desktop-Heavy

September 6, 2016

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Experian-B2B-Email-Open-Share-by-Platform-Q1-2015-Q2-2016-Sept2016The world may be going mobile, but don’t tell that to the business products and services category, which remains very much desktop-driven in its email behavior. Indeed, 7 in 10 emails sent by business products and services firms in Q2 were opened on a desktop, according to Experian Marketing Services’ latest quarterly analysis [download page] of its clients’ emailing activity.

Of the 6 industries tracked by Experian, the B2B sector is by far the most skewed to desktops when it comes to email opening behavior. In fact, the next-most desktop-heavy industry is media and entertainment, in which only 44% of opens were on a desktop. Overall, 42% of emails sent by Experian Marketing Services clients in Q2 were opened on a desktop, with 45% opened on a smartphone (25% for B2B) and 13% on a tablet (5% for B2B).

It makes sense that the B2B sector would be more desktop-heavy than consumer-oriented industries. Still, its interesting to see that its desktop skew hasn’t changed much over the past 18 months or so. In Q1 2015, for example, 72% of B2B emails were opened on a desktop (70% this past quarter), as opposed to 49% across all industries (42% this past quarter). In other words, while mobile has gradually gained share in email opens for other industries, it has remained mostly static for B2B.

The same pattern is largely true for email click share. In Q2, an overwhelming 81% of B2B email clicks occurred on a desktop, with virtually all the remaining clicks (18%) taking place on a mobile phone. This was actually a slight increase for desktops from Q1 2015, when 79% of email clicks occurred on a desktop.

What was desktop’s click share across all industries in Q2? Just 49%, down from 60% in Q1 2015.

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