Online Radio A Key Medium For Reaching Hispanics

September 2, 2016

Nielsen-Media-Reach-Hispanics-v-Non-Hispanic-Whites-Sept2016Hispanics are a rapidly growing influence in the US, details Nielsen in a new report [download page] covering the rise of the US Hispanic population. Noting that the Hispanic population is expected to reach almost one-quarter (24%) of the total US population by 2040, Nielsen looks into the media habits of this all-important group.

The analysis indicates that Hispanics are about as likely as non-Hispanic white Americans to use social networking platforms. However, their preferences diverge from their non-Hispanic white counterparts when it comes to preferred platforms.

For the 18-34 age group, Hispanics over-index in their use of Google+ (index of 141) and Instagram (121), while under-indexing quite considerably in their use of LinkedIn (index of 50) and Pinterest (81). Similar trends are apparent among the 35-and-older population, where Hispanics over-index most in their use of Instagram (170) and Google+ (145), and under-index the most in their use of LinkedIn (54) and Pinterest (80).

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Turning to media platforms other than social media, the Nielsen Scarborough data indicates that Hispanics under-index in their newspaper readership, along with their visits to newspaper websites and use of mobile devices to read newspapers.

Hispanic Americans are closer to non-Hispanic whites in their TV viewing, whether that be broadcast, cable or online broadcast TV.

Where Hispanics over-index significantly is in online radio. Limiting the analysis to 18-34-year-olds, the report shows that Hispanics are: 25% more likely than non-Hispanic whites to have listened to internet radio in the past 30 days; 42% most likely to have listened to a local radio station online in the past 30 days; and 26^ more likely to have listened to any radio online in the prior 30 days.

Once again, those trends are repeated among non-Millennials: with Hispanics over-indexing their non-Hispanic white counterparts to an even greater degree in their past-30 day use of internet radio (62% more likely), local radio stations online (62% more likely) or any radio online (54% more likely).

These figures align with MarketingCharts’ own research into the composition of media audiences. In comparing online media usage for our 2nd annual study on Media Audience Demographics, we found that Hispanics over-index the average online adult most in internet radio usage. This is demonstrated in the below chart, one of 9 such comparisons (which accompany dozens of other charts) across demographic groups.


So, it seems, internet radio seems like an excellent way to reach Hispanics of any age…

About the Data: The Nielsen study data comes from Nielsen Scarborough Hispanic DST Multi-Market 2015 Release 2, August 2014-October 2015. Surveys conducted in English and Spanish (self-reported).

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